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Autobus Simulator

The W2309EP DDR Bus Simulator quickly generates accurate bit-error-rate (BER) contours, masks, and margins between the two, for the DDR memory bus specification published by JEDEC. The simulator achieves this by use of statistical simulation, meaning no lengthy and time-consuming bit pattern is needed. Instead, it constructs the eye diagram from the transmitter, channel, and receiver impulse responses, and from the stochastic properties of a conceptually infinite non-repeating bit pattern. In doing so it avoids the pitfalls associated with precarious dual-Dirac extrapolation of a limited bit pattern from either SPICE-like simulation or from convolutional channel simulation.

autobus simulator

On the surface, Bus Simulator 2019 appears to have everything you'd want in a bus simulator. It has an open world, routes to plan, buses to drive, passengers who can be unpredictable, and an absolutely epic trailer. There's just one problem, everything else.

What makes our municipal bus simulator different from any other is that it was designed by transit agency experts to meet their unique training needs. Things like a true 315º field of vision, driver cab replication, and motion seats allow students to feel when they hit a curb, turn too fast, or brake too hard. They learn which knobs to turn and toggles to press, and know it will be the same in the real bus.

Every aspect of our bus simulator is designed for the most true-to-life experience possible. This real-life approach to simulator development results in an effective and efficient training process with a host of benefits to both the trainer and trainee.

Like in previous iterations of the long-running simulator series, Bus Simulator 18 puts players in the position of both driver of their very own bus as well as the one in charge of their own company. The ultimate goal is to grow said company with money, which is earned from delivering passengers safely to their next destination. On the flip side, players will lose money if they drive erratically, run red lights or damage property or their bus. Eventually, players will be able to add new buses with other drivers and really see their company grow. It's this level of immersiveness that lends the game some early respectability, almost enough to overcome some early nearly-game-breaking bugs, including install and frame rate issues. But the game's cracks are vast and impossible to ignore for long.

The driving mechanics in Bus Simulator 18 are really the game's main saving grace, at least when the rest of the title is running smoothly. There's a detailed but not unpleasant learning curve to how the bus operates, what prerequisites need to be met before the bus can be moved, and to using every facet of the bus's functions to ensure maximum time saved and money earned. It's here where a good game starts to bleed through and that the title lives up to its simulator-promising name. It's just simply not enough to make up for everything else that Bus Simulator 18 gets so disappointingly wrong.

Bus Simulator 18 is a highly flawed simulator game loaded technical problems, buggy A.I., and a lack of fun. The driving itself and its sense of immersion are both big positives, but they're never quite enough to overcome the flaws. Still, for super fans of the series who desperately need their fix of bus simulation, it might be enough for them to overlook the bad. For everyone else, this is a ride that's simply not worth the ticket price.

Designed to meet the training needs of trucking fleets and CDL driver training schools, this simulator is manufactured using a high fidelity motion system, and actual truck cab assemblies and components with robust steel construction built to last.

In the fast-growing genre of monotonous job simulators, Bus Simulator has been gradually making a name for itself with each Bus Simulator release. That trend will hopefully continue with Bus Simulator 21, which is now confirmed to be launching across multiple platforms on September 7. Publisher Astragon Entertainment also has a special announcement to make regarding the return of an officially licensed partner.

With a September 7 release date, there's still plenty of time left for Astragon and developer Stillalive Studios to reveal plenty more about Bus Simulator 21 in the weeks and months to come. Expect to hear more about one of 2021's biggest simulators soon.

I have resurfaced from the bus barn to once again blog on the topic of using simulators in bus operator training. This topic builds on the conversations, training sessions, and follow-ups I have had the pleasure of being part of throughout my 23 years utilizing bus simulator supplemental training. Two recent conversations are what led me to continue to follow up on this topic once again.

Accepting delivery of a bus simulator at a training facility is an exciting event. Upon installation, it proudly sits in its new home being admired by staff who anxiously awaits the ribbon cutting ceremony that will mark the beginning of a methodical way to supplement the existing training program. However, to receive the benefits of this tool, this training must be conducted by the cream of the crop of the training staff.

Teaching the basic skills of operating a bus with the assistance of a simulator and a qualified instructor, will ensure operators are well equipped to manage their duties during passenger service and deal with high-risk situations. A new hire candidate should absolutely be placed in a high-risk situation during training to prepare them for the challenges of real-world driving conditions. The simulator will do this without causing physical harm and allow situations to play out to their natural consequences with no risk. To shy away from high-risk situations during training and leaving the student to experience them when they are in passenger service after graduation can be costly and outright dangerous.

Bus Simulator 21 does accuracy well. The controls and mechanics of the game are thought through well and although some of the interface is overwhelming and can seem a bit janky and clunky to begin with, if stuck with, this can feel satisfying to champion. Bus simulator 21 certainly has some down sides, such as clipping through environmental objects, sensitivity shifting and minimal tutorials which could leave you stuck for some time. If you can shift into gear past this, the game will eventually become one where you can sit back and enjoy the ride whilst taking in the view.

This paper presents the design, implementation and validation of a forward simulator for a battery electric bus, developed in MATLAB/Simulink. This simulator allows performing energy consumption analyses for different bus routes. In addition, a user can modify some parameters that affect the powertrain operation to understand their influence in the energy consumption of the bus. These analyses allow the electric bus manufacturers to adapt their powertrain designs and control strategies for different transit agencies with different routes and energy requirements. The simulator was validated using real data from a battery electric bus. The results showed a good correlation between the real and the simulated data. In particular, the absolute error between the real and the simulated State of Charge (SOC), which is one of the most important parameters for this kind of vehicles, was 3.24%. 041b061a72


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