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Cypress Semiconductor Usb To Serial Ups 'LINK'

(actually USB to serial PL-2303, Prolific, [7], kernel module usbserial, my MBO Asus AT8 has no native serial connections, and, sadly, their staff weren't able to point out this solution to me; local store did, Croatia, HGSpot)- network monitoring through RS-232 attached box- USB (so called contact closure, local monitoring, not tested)

cypress semiconductor usb to serial ups

I am trying to configure NUT to communicate with a Mecer ME600BK UPS connected via a serial cable to a standalone machine on what I assume is ttyS1. To be sure I have also tried on ttyS0 (locked by another process) and ttyS2 with a similar output as given below.

The USB-Serial bridge controllers integrate the industry-leading CapSense capacitive-touch sensing technology (for touch-sensitive key switches) and USB-IF Battery Charging specification ver. 1.2 (to detect the source of power on the USB port). These controllers are ideal for applications such as portable medical devices (like blood-glucose meters), point-of-sales terminals, serial cables (including USB-to-UART and RS232 cables), and many other applications requiring USB connectivity.

Configurable Serial ChannelsUSB-Serial bridge controllers are the first in the industry to offer configurable serial channels, allowing the user to select between UART, IC or SPI interfaces. In the case of a dual-channel controller, the channels can be independently configured to UART, IC or SPI interfaces, and simultaneously connect two devices with different serial interfaces.

End-to-End Solution USB-Serial controllers do not require programming, the parameters of the controller and serial channels can be modified using an easy-to-use Configuration Utility. Infineon provides software drivers for the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

A USB UART adapter is used to access the serial console of the Raspberry Pi from a development host such as a laptop or desktop PC. The USB end connects to the PC and the UART header end connects to the USB. While it is possible to connect the USB end to another Raspberry Pi, this configuration has not been tested unless explicitly mentioned against an individual entry below.

HDMI to VGA converters do work, they convert the digital serial data streams from HDMI and using complex logic, and digital to analog converters they convert the HDMI signal to the analog signals needed for VGA, and sometimes also convert HDMI audio to an analog stereo signal. But note that if they feed off the PI it can cause a problem, as the PI only is designed to provide about 50mA to the (HDMI or DVI-D) monitor, and these adapters use >200mA, while the absolute maximum the PI can let through is 200mA.These adapters also thus use about half the energy that the PI (without USB devices) uses.Therefore its much better to use an adapter that has an external power input. Alternatively there are HDMI dongles (male to female HDMI adapters) that have a barrel input connector to feed the adapter with.

NAND memory devices are accessed serially, using the same eight pins to transmit control, address and data information. NAND can write to a single memory address, doing so at eight bits -- one byte -- at a time.

There are two main types of NOR memory chips: parallel NOR and serial NOR. One of the main things that differentiate serial NOR from parallel NOR, is that serial flash devices require fewer connections to the circuit board than parallel flash devices do. The fact that serial NOR uses a less complex interface than parallel NOR means that it costs less to manufacture serial NOR storage devices.

The way that data is written to an SPI NOR device varies depending on whether the memory chip is equipped with a buffer. If the serial flash memory is buffered, then a page can be read into the buffer, modified and written back to the chip. If the SPI NOR device isn't buffered, then the entire page has to be externally read, modified and written back to the chip. As such, buffered SPI NOR tends to have better write performance than comparable non-buffered flash.


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