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Backup And Reset Nexus 4: Crack VERIFIEDed And Locked Screen

Step 3 You will see the following screen while the software puts your phone into the recovery mode. Once you are in recovery mode, select the Wipe data/factory reset option in the recovery mode to reset your phone.

Backup and Reset Nexus 4: Cracked and Locked Screen

Hi HampusFirst I must ask is there an visible damage to the screen. If not then I would try to do a soft reset to the device and see if that helps. If not then I would back up your device and reset your device to factory. I seems like it could be a software issue.

I have a Nexus 4 e960 with a chip at the bottom left corner of the screen and it is also cracked. When I turn it off and then turn it on again the touch doesn't work afterward. But after I do that a few times in succession it works. Is this just the digitizer, or is it a bigger problem?

my nexus 5 fell in water and got messed up so i bought a used one with a cracked screen and took the parts out and placed them in mines however the phone will not power on or charge but i happened to remove the battery strip from the board and plug in the charger and the screen comes on with the charging symbol but if i plug the battery strip back in the battery icon changes to an empty battery with a question mark inside.

I dropped my Nexus 4 and now the screen (which didn't actually crack) doesn't display anything but a vague backlit black (like I've turned it on but no graphics on the screen yet).I've opened it and reconnected all the connections to the motherboard, and did some soft resets as well. The phone is reading my touch because after it boots it has the keyboard (which I don't see but feel from haptic feedback) to input my PIN to unlock my device.Is the problem with my LCD or is it something else? The LCD I'm using is an aftermarket from dropping it another time (you'd think I learned my lesson...).

Hello, I have a nexus 4 and I just performed a screen swap on it after the screen was cracked from a drop. Everything went well except for when the back cover is attached the screen doesn't respond and when the back cover is off, the screen will only respond if you perform a multi touch. Ex; touch the screen with one finger and while holding it there, touch the screen with another finger to select whatever... Any ideas? What are all the contact points for on the back of the rear cover? Does that have something to do with it?

Hey there, I have replaced the LCD and Digitizer on my nexus 5. Once all back together the screen worked but the digitizer would not. After tracing this back, it seems that the digitizer works when the loud speaker is not in place but as soon as i put the loud speaker back in place, the digitizer stops working.

Few months ago my nexus 5 screen broke while in pocket. I replaced the screen myself because it was too expensive to do with LG. Now, everything worked fine until week ago, when I plugged my phone out of charger the screen didn't respond to anything. I've checked all the things inside phone and everything seems to be in place. I also did factory reset etc. and nothing works. All in all, the phone seems to be working (can see receiving updates/emails etc) but the touch screen doesnt't respond to anything. Is there anything that can be done here? I think I void my warranty also by installing broken screen by myself.

I replaced the screen on my nexus 4 and it worked fine for about a month then the touch screen stopped working sometimes and then it will work again. When I replaced the screen I bought the lcd and the digitizer screen separately so they were not glued together so I just put together without glue do you think that is the problem? Please help

I have a nexus 5 have the screen replace and it cracked again phone still works.I have one problem though the volume cuts and when i press the back of the phonein the middle the sound comes back and then goes.I have opened the phone tand press down on side aantenna connection and then put phone back together. it works well for a few days and then i have to do it again. .One last thing when i use the ear phones i hear sound. Is there someway I could trouable shootthe sound issue or what do you think it could be. Thanks Carl

i have a nexus 5 replacement phone from google about 2 months ago . all of the sudden the screen went black. i tried to reset the device but all i feel is a slight vibration like its rebooting but stays black. if i have my earbuds on i can activate my google play n listen to music and answer phone calls but nothing else. i took the phone apart to make sure nothing had come loose,everything was fine.

clean install, turns on, but no response, Ive factory reset the Nexus 4 because I was told theres some issues with lollipop,,they said there screen doesn't work on the new update, only 4.4.4 or lower, Have you ever heard of this? any glitches where the digitizer stopped working?...what do you find the most commin problem is,,, just sucks waiting for a screen to come in for a month and for the digitizer to not work, its odd from two different sellers, both screens have the same issues,,,,I unplugged the connection and reseated them, still noting,,, will anything else stop you digitizer from responding, bad camera, headphone jackThanks for your help if you can

I have nexus 5 , instead of dropping in bed i dropped on the floor my screen got broken not a single crack on it but i can see the parts inside the phone ( white layer from the bottom ) . When i contacted with the local dealers all say display is broken (charges Rs 5000) .Cost varies from dealers to dealers .

I have a Nexus 5. Yesterday, an app froze after I received a call, so I closed it (swiped it off) normally as one would, and locked the screen. However, when I tried unlocking it a few minutes later, the screen had gone completely blank and wasn't working at all. It only showed singular colors, white or lack at a time, despite the fact that the buttons were working and the rest of the phone was also working fine. I could lower the volume, if I called my number, the device rang the bell, but the screen didn't work. Then, I managed to shut if off but when I tried restarting it, at first, a multicolored static (not moving) showed during the initial boot phase, and then later, the screen went back to just black. What do I do?

Hi My nexus device had a very minor fall. Not a single scratch on the screen and it was fine for two weeks. Later the phone started acting weird. Apps would open on its own and it was a menace. Then i did a factory reset. Then the weirdness stopped. But some areas of the screen are not touch responsive. For example the right bottom chrome icon cannot be opened, but the icon next to it will open without any issues. Is it a problem with the screen? then y did it act all weird in the first place? is it a virus or a hack? Really desperate.

Hi! I dropped my nexus 4 and the glass cracked. A day later, a third of the screen (left third) has gone black, but the touch screen function do I have to replace the digitizer too or just the glass screen?

Replaced nexus 5 entire screen piece after it cracked. Everything works except I don't have cell service. I can get Wi-Fi and checked my Sim card with a different cell phone and my Sim card works as it should since my Sim card is less than a month old... What could be the problem why I get no cell service?

My nexus 5 wont respond to touch. I know it is working because I can receive notifications. I do not see any visible damage on the screen that can lead to this. Also, I did not drop it in water or in general. Tried a soft reset with no luck. I guess the only option now is a hard reset right? Anyway to turn the phone off? As holding down the power button restarts the phone. Is the only way to achieve this is to drain the phone?

Hey guys i have nexus 5 white. It's only show colored dots(like tv with no cignal) i did not drop my phone or something that can be damage. Can't recovery mode to do hard reset because of white screen. It's there a problem with software or a hardware? Or my grounded charger? Need your reply asap :'(. Thanks in Advance :)

Hi, I have a Nexus 4 bought on 2013.Never broken the glass.Yesterday the phone became crazy: random numbers, apps opening and closing,bluetooth activation, photos zooming...After some restarts, the touchscreen is now not sensitive in the upper half.Please help me understand the following points:1) Which could be the cause (telephone age?, battery charger)2) Is it an hardware issue (digitizer)?3) If yes and I ask to a technician to fix it, does this need an hard reset at the end? (I would prefer to avoid it)

Hi, My nexus 4 digitizer won't work anymore.. At first it works fine then when I reassemble again to put the clear liquid adhesive it won't work anymore.. I tried to do the hard reset and still it won't work..

I have a nexus 4 that broke a screen. I got the screen and digitizer. Installed myself. Got the phone to work except the charge port. I bought another charge port from Reinstalled the new port, and still no connectivity through usb or charge. Am i missing something. Settings? I was able to swap files out to my new M9 phone. I just want a backup in case i break the new one. I have a wireless charger that i will be testing later to see if it will charge.

I broke my nexus 5 top glass but the lcd and touch were working so i ordered front display and assembly from eBay and now after my mobile engineer installing it . The screen turns on but the touch does not work at all so does this mean the product i got is faulty as my old touch and lcd were working even after breaking the front glass

I purchased my nexus 5 in 2014 january. No issues with it until today. The screen goes static, similar to a CRT TV with no cable. I showed the technician, they checked everything and said it wasn't the usb flex problem, but the screen which needs replacement. They also reflashed it, which didn't work. So what could the problem be? is it really the screen that needs replacement? 350c69d7ab


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