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Easton Myers
Easton Myers

Kaizoku Oujo Episode 6 !!INSTALL!!

The animation was immaculate, as always. The attention to detail that some frames have is almost astounding to witness. Production I.G. put a lot of love into creating and animating this series, and it shows. The framing and lighting in one particular scene were enough for this show to earn several nominations at the anime awards, and this is a thing that happens in every episode of the show.

Kaizoku Oujo Episode 6

The music in Fena Pirate Princess Episode 6 was epic and grandiose, exactly the sort one would expect to hear in a show like this. I, for one, would absolutely not mind a great EDM number inserted in one of these episodes for the sake of freshness. I kid, I kid. 041b061a72


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