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Easton Myers
Easton Myers

Deckadance 2: How to Get, Install, and Activate Your DJ Software

the lack of an undo/redo mechanism is an even bigger problem. to illustrate the problem, i tried to use the deckadances clip feature, where tracks and clips can be selected and copied to the clipboard. this sounds like a great feature, and it worked fine most of the time. but when i tried to copy a clip that had an eq effect on it, the entire clip feature failed, and deckadance would not allow me to paste the copy. and when it did allow me to paste the copy, the song that was selected for the copy lost its eq effects. and when i tried to undo the copy, i was not able to, and was told that the only way to undo was to exit the deckadance application.

Deckadance 2 Registration File

the next issue i found with deckadance involved the software's ability to handle large session files. in my experience, every version of the software that i tried had trouble with files over 50 mb in size. while i was able to run several sessions that contained over 50 mb of material, i found that often that material would be inaccessible. in addition, when a session exceeded the default maximum memory allocation of 64 mb, it would stop the deckadance player from functioning at all. while i was able to recover the session by exiting deckadance, i found this to be a real showstopper for my workflow.

but, despite these issues, the deckadance team has a long history of quality software. as i have noted, the software was already highly rated in reviews of the first version when it was released. and while these problems have been addressed in later versions, the team is still committed to keeping the software on the cutting edge of dj technology.


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