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Easton Myers
Easton Myers

The Incredible Machine (TIM) - Even More Contraptions [Fix Full Iso] CODEX

To date, most single-player computer RPGs haven't featured much in the way of actual role-playing. With a tabletop RPG and its human game master, you can truly assume and create a unique role, and gameplay becomes a form of improvisational acting and mutual storytelling. Computer RPG's don't really allow that. After all, how can you fully shape and embody a character when you can't even really decide what you want to say, thanks to dialogue trees? These games, no matter how sophisticated, haven't been able to react to your actions with the fluidity and imagination of a human game master. That all may change when Bioware releases its innovative Neverwinter Nights, but for now computer RPG's have focused more on the "monty haul" aspects of the RPG experience. Killing monsters, collecting loot, tinkering with stats, and leveling up usually overshadow deep role-playing. That largely holds true of Arcanum, though those aspects are entertaining enough, and they don't come at the expense of an interesting game world.

The Incredible Machine (TIM) - Even more contraptions [full iso] CODEX



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