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About this blog...

I created this blog as a way to release my research for my doctoral project in Strategic Leadership. For the next 44 consecutive weeks, I will post a blog-sized portion of my project about Strategic Leader Self-Awareness and Self-Deception. Comments on the posts are welcomed and encouraged. When I've released my project in its entirety, I will open the blog for any deception-related subjects. Guest bloggers are invited!

The purpose of my research was to find ways an organization can identify self-deceptive leadership behaviors and practices. These insights will help the organization to encourage and empower those leaders to more accurately self-assess their leadership style working toward greater self-awareness. This study will help an organization limit the destructiveness of self-deception and improve performance and worker satisfaction through strategic leader self-awareness.

The results of this effort include observations and findings on strategic leader self-awareness and self-deception. I also provide recommendations for organizations on how to help leaders achieve self-awareness and how to spot and assess strategic leader self-deception. These recommendations will help encourage and empower leaders to accurately self-assess, the ultimate step to self-awareness.

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